The Future

The evolution of the computer industry

has been marked by flashes of discovery and invention, punctuated by bursts of brilliant inspiration that have led in surprising directions and changed our concepts of how to connect, communicate, collaborate, and educate. Likewise, through open source, future technologies supported by Intel and thousands of other contributors around the globe promise to create bold possibilities that stretch the boundaries of the human imagination. It’s an exciting time to be involved in computing, and open source represents one of the areas where sparks of innovation shine the brightest.

Whether you’re the owner of a small business with a bright idea to revolutionize the mobility market or a seasoned veteran of an enterprise IT group looking to virtualize your data center, open source has something to offer everyone. And, because our customers expect it and we believe strongly in the philosophy of technology collaboration—and choice—Intel supports the open-source ecosystem wholeheartedly.

If our technology advances and contributions to the open-source ecosystem help customers solve computing challenges and lead them to choose Intel® hardware platforms for their solutions, then we’ve been successful in our efforts.

Open source is bringing remarkable experiences to life. And Intel is helping power these experiences, as a sponsor of tomorrow. Together, we can invent the future.

We’re at a significant point in time, a time where technology is no longer the limiting factor. What limits us today is our own imagination. If you can dream a compelling vision for the future, we can invent it together.- Justin Rattner
Chief Technology Officer
Intel Corporation

Amazon’s EC2 (Elastic Computer Cloud)

Amazon’s EC2 (Elastic Computer Cloud), powered by open source on Intel architecture, enabled John McNeil Studio to create a milestone animation for Intel, requiring 9,000 hours of rendering time in the cloud. The resulting animation is an imaginative combination of classical origami art and high-tech, computer-generated imagery.

Sohu.com, Inc., a leader in the Chinese Internet web portal space, delivers efficient Internet and cloud computing services using servers powered by the Intel Xeon processor family. To enhance server utilization and improve IT efficiency, Sohu has deployed multiple Xen virtual machines. Xen, an open-source virtualization hypervisor, is optimized for Intel technologies—such as Intel® Virtualization Technology and Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manager—owing to Intel’s long history of contributions to the Xen project.

Xen virtual machines