Intel is proud to be a member

of the open-source community. We’ve been there from the very beginning, long before open source became a mainstream force in the computer industry. Twenty years later, Intel is one of the leading contributors to the Linux kernel and remains committed to helping open source prosper and mature, igniting sparks of innovation in many different ways.

From rock-solid hardware, software development tools, and the delivery of essential building blocks that span the solution stack, to investment in both academic research and commercial entities, to collaboration and co-engineering with leading companies, Intel works diligently to help build and nurture a vibrant, thriving ecosystem around open source. In turn, this healthy ecosystem offers abundant business opportunities and ensures a rich variety of innovative solutions for end customers.

Open-source-based solutions, optimized for Intel® architecture, open a broad palette of opportunities.

  • Take command of your business and reach new markets.
  • Expand your creative opportunities to deliver innovative solutions and services.
  • Prosper as a valued member of a strong, growing ecosystem.
  • Deliver exceptional experiences that enhance lives and build communities.

NASA uses breakthrough supercomputing capacity for everything from exploration vehicle design to climate modeling to the Mars Rover Curiosity expedition. Intel develops hardware architectures that underlie many of these efforts. Our collaboration with leading software companies ensures that a wide range of operating systems run great on Intel® architecture-based platforms—from VxWorks*, Wind River’s real-time operating system that powers the Curiosity,4 to SUSE Linux* Enterprise Server, used for NASA’s Pleiades supercomputer. Ranked number 11 on the TOP5005 list, the Pleiades supercomputer features the Intel Xeon family of processors, and owes its performance in part to Intel’s contributions to the Linux kernel and subsystems. Intel works closely with SUSE, NASA, and Wind River on multiple open-source projects, helping open source advance and mature.

Our commitment to open source has remained consistent from the start and continues to be a key part of Intel’s software strategy. Intel looks forward to helping foster innovation— and deliver choice— in key areas of computing, including open virtualization, cloud, and big data.
— Doug Fisher
Vice President, Software and Services Group and
General Manager, System Software Division
Intel Corporation