Intel’s collaboration

in helping to foster a healthy commercial ecosystem around open source is bidirectional: Intel supports both upstream and downstream endeavors. By maintaining a neutral philosophy toward upstream developments, Intel contributes to projects in the true spirit of open source. Looking downstream, Intel helps drive open-source innovation into the commercial ecosystem by collaborating with leading partners to refine, harden, and stabilize solutions in a way that ensures that end customers ultimately benefit from Intel® technologies and advancements.

Open-source-based solutions, powered by Intel architecture, bring numerous benefits to customers, including next-generation technologies, proven reliability, high performance, a deep support network, and a well-supported developer environment. As enterprises have increasingly turned to open source, the need for support and services has become vital, and the support network around Intel architecture components is unparalleled.

The overall ecosystem also benefits from investments that Intel makes in open-source companies. Strategic investments in Red Hat, Black Duck, JBoss, Revolution Analytics, MySQL, WSO2, and others have helped move open-source-based solutions into the mainstream of the industry.

Through the vibrant, thriving ecosystem that exists around open source, remarkable business opportunities await and end customers benefit from a wealth of solutions that deliver amazing experiences.


Members of the automotive ecosystem are collaborating on a next-generation infotainment platform, and operating system, for the car through the GENIVI alliance—and Intel is helping to nurture open-source technologies and companies, in working with ecosystems like GENIVI - Tim Yeaton
President and CEO
Black Duck Software